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With years of experience in creating products and solutions that people around the world can trust, we too are able to offer Toshiba air conditioners that are both versatile and functional. From air conditioners for residential and light commercial usage to variable refrigerant flow systems and even air-cooled chillers; the Toshiba range of air conditioners for sale is an investment in comfort.

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Air Conditioner System

What is an air conditioner?


Air conditioning systems are used by homeowners and businesses alike to control the levels of heat, humidity and ventilation within a space. An air conditioner can enhance your experience significantly by creating a comfortable, temperate climate in which to work and live; not to mention creating a more eco-friendly, clean breathing space too.

What does a Toshiba air conditioner do?


Toshiba’s range of machines with air conditioner installation via our skilled distributor networks globally can greatly improve your home or office space. We offer the following types of air conditioning units for consideration;

  • Residential units
  • Light commercial units
  • Variable refrigerant flow systems
  • Hot water & heating units
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Network control systems for customised installation and integration

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