Toshiba’s Externally Gapped Line Arresters (EGLAs )

In recent years demand for renewable energy has increased in order to achieve carbon neutral and thus ensuring the reliability of the power grid has become more important

In addition there is a need to improve the resilience of transmission and substation equipment for large scale lightening strikes therefore the protective equipment like surge arresters play crucial role in the power grid system.

Africa continent is the area with one of the highest lightening flash density in the world because if its unique geography.

Toshiba has been supplying various surge arresters globally but we would like to recommend EGLAs to African users, which has advantageous features.

Toshiba’s Externally Gapped Line Arrester (EGLA) features:

Easy Installation
Compact and lightweight design thanks to the superior performance of ZnO disks
No deterioration of ZnO disks and no need to disconnect devices because of series gaps. The gap arrester units are not energised thus less electrical stress occurs and less maintenance is needed
Public safety:
No violent scattering or burning ensuring public safety
Improving transmission system reliability:
Successful re-closing even in the arrester failure
Long term performance:
Based on advanced silicone technologies
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