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Toshiba Industrial Products are used in many different industries ranging from oil and gas to utilities, pharmaceuticals and even data centres. Our extensive range of industrial products and large customer base across a variety of industries throughout the world, demonstrate that our customers have absolute confidence in choosing Toshiba Industrial. We manufacture many of our product under one roof allowing us the ability to offer customised solutions to meet specific industry needs.

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Toshiba Industrial

What are industrial and systems products?

At Toshiba we are able to offer various industrial systems manufactured and distributed by the Toshiba Group. Some of our specialised industrial products include;


Induction motors

Induction motors

Our specialised product range of Induction Motors includes Standard Efficiency Power Series Motors, High Efficiency Series Motors, Premium Efficiency Heavy Duty Induction Motors, Flameproof Motors (Ex d), Hazardous Area Motors, OEM Motors (Ultra Series), Additional Motor Range, Project and Motor Support and After Hours Service. At Toshiba, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers from design concept, tendering through to commissioning. Toshiba engineers and specialists are available to support equipment selection, application design and system integration.

Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives

Toshiba has worked extensively to produce a range of high-quality, high performing Variable Frequency Drives. The VF-AS1 series is a general purpose, high performance, high torque drive for several critical and demanding applications in industry. While the VF-PS1 series is specially engineered to meet the global demand for energy saving and harmonic regulation. It provides the ideal solution for industrial fan and pump applications. We also produce the VF-FS1, a series of inverters dedicated to fan and pump applications. Our VF-S15 is a compact Toshiba drive which is designed for powerful performance...

Soft starters

Induction motors

The Toshiba TMS9 series soft starters are low voltage digital soft starters for starting and stopping electric motors. Their comprehensive function list, including complete motor protection make them unique in many respects. Available in voltages from 200V through to 690Vac and power ratings exceeding 1200kW, the TMS9 soft starter range offers flexibility with input and output bus bar configuration options of top or bottom entry, as well as 3 wire and 6 wire (inside delta) connections.

Motor protection relays

Variable frequency drives

Toshiba provides complete solutions for protection, control and automation of power networks at all transmission and distribution voltage levels. Our innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology give you cost-effective and user-friendly products, while our high-quality manufacturing facilities guarantee years of reliable and maintenance-free service.

Medium voltage switchgear

Induction motors

Toshiba’s range of Medium Voltage Switchgears include Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Contactors and Vacuum Combination Units. The features of Vacuum Circuit Breakers are that they have a long service life, they are safe to operate, they are compact in size, easy to handle and they do not produce pollution. Since the introduction of the first Vacuum Interrupter in 1962, Toshiba has been continuously improving and developing Vacuum Technology. Many Vacuum Interrupters have been produced for various types of vacuum apparatus such as vacuum contactors, vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum switches which are now widely used as result of their outstanding performance.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Variable frequency drives

Toshiba’s Industrial Division has more than 25 years of experience in the design and development of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Today, Toshiba PLCs are at the core of any Toshiba control system. Toshiba PLCs offer comprehensive automation solutions highlighted by the V200 Series Micro PLCs, the V2000 Series Small PLCs and Operator Interface Stations. Applications range from simple sequence control to large process and automation systems. We also offer a series of Operator Interface Stations and Gateway protocol converters.

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