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What is the most important element of the engineering aspects of a power plant’s construction? The answer is simply to quickly secure quality products and services for the project. With this in mind, Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation (TPSC) developed an integrated platform to bridge the multi engineering disciplines required by complex projects – the TPSC Integrated Engineering Tool (TIET).

The overarching benefit of TIET is that it supports all engineering disciplines and customer perspectives, and enables the provision of reliable EPC services from across the globe to enhance the customer’s project. As such, the Kinyerezi Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Tanzania, through the TIET system, achieved successful commissioning of the project (see right hand page for design concept).

Understanding the need for and elements of TIET

Throughout the design and engineering phase of a power plant’s construction, a number of individual engineering software programmes and tools with separate databases are initiated and used in each engineering discipline.

Engineers in each discipline can spend a large number of capturing hours in manual data exchange with one another, which often results in data inconsistencies that cause repeated re-engineering work.

The TIET is an innovative solution to address this concern. The tool is specifically designed to implement projects more efficiently by seamlessly combining multiple engineering tools on a single platform. It is this newly developed integration between process oriented software and 3D model software that digitally manages the data.

As a significant advantage, all process and equipment/device property data appear on or behind the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), Single Line Diagram, or Control Logic Diagram. These diagrams are centralised in a single database accessible from multiple locations simultaneously through an internet cloud platform, which enables ‘Concurrent Engineering’ for the project team with a global presence. This live feature allows engineers to handle all process data on the same page at any engineering stage. This innovative tool is a ‘Single Data Base Concept’.

Figure 1:  Digital Twin Technology of Kinyerezi based on TIET
Figure 1: Digital Twin Technology of Kinyerezi based on TIET
The processed data can also be linked and navigated to physical data with dimensional information in 3D models and vice versa. This helps to ensure consistency and streamline a wide range of plant engineering dynamically updated daily. The platform assists to create engineering deliverables such as a bill of materials, cable sizing calculation, etc., based on the up-to-date data.

TIET has a potential of further extending its merits by linking with other tools like a project documentation or management system. The attraction of the tool is its flexibility in customisation and its high range of engineering efficiency and quality.

TIET innovation in action

Situated on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam sits Tanzania’s 3-3-1×2 block, 240MW natural gas combined cycle power plant, Kinyerezi. The project recently benefited from the seamless execution of its EPC through the implementation of an integrated multiple engineering system designed by TPSC.

Throughout the Kinyerezi project, TPSC cooperated with Sumitomo Corporation, the main contractor for TANESCO, and with MHPS, the project’s gas turbine supplier. The Kinyerezi plant, fuelled by natural gas piped from Mnazi Bay, is expected to save Tanzania up to a billion dollars a year by reducing dependency on oil imports.

TPSC contributed to the whole EPC process in the Kinyerezi project in the aspect of supply and installation of steam turbines, heat-recovery steam generators, civil engineering, and more. This contribution is made possible by TPSC being a global EPC player – with worldwide experiences mainly in Asia – positioning the firm to greatly contribute to EPC projects in Africa.
Figure 2:  The natural gas combined cycle power plant, Kinyerezi, and 3D print image of the plant.
Figure 2: The natural gas combined cycle power plant, Kinyerezi, and 3D print image of the plant.
This article was originally published on ESI Africa 2019 Issue 5
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