Reuters Plus: Reaching for a Carbon Neutral Future

- These technologies make carbon neutral a reality -

Hydrogen energy system

Daily human activities emitting approximately 43.1 billion tons of CO2 in 2019, which broke the previous record. Governments and corporate organisations are moving towards renewable energy options to combat the increasingly alarming rate of carbon emissions but there are aspects of it that may be problematic and still more to be done to reach for a carbon neutral future.

Toshiba, being a pioneer in carbon-neutral technology is leading research and partnering with various organisations, we have developed and administered contrivances of renewable energy generation and transmission, ranging from off shore wind power, HVDC (high voltage direct current) technologies as well as AC/DC converters in order to generate and to distribute energy without distance being an obstacle. Converging energy to hydrogen is a way not only to store and transport energy but also can contribute to adjust power grid stability with renewable energy. We also involve in a number of projects to capture CO2, convert and repurpose it by converting CO2 to carbon monoxide using electrolysis. With renewable energy taking over, Toshiba is in the prime forefront in the development and establishment of Virtual Power Plants that combines a decentralized network of power-generating units such as solar parks and wind farms.

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