Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 7 – 2022

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba in media

Financial times article “Renewables in the mix for Japan’s financing of African development” talks about Kenya’s experience in leading geothermal energy in the world with the technology contribution and financial schemes from Japan.

Read the article including the interview to Mr Shimada, managing director of Toshiba Africa.

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News release
GRI (Spain) and Toshiba Digital Solutions Successfully Completed Proof-of-Concept in Visual Inspection Using Image AI at the Factory of the World’s Largest Wind Power Tower Manufacturer
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Toshiba to Win Order for Japan’s First Environmentally Friendly GIS for a TSO Using Natural Origin Gases

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Toshiba Demonstrates Technology for Analyzing and Visualizing the Internal Soundness of Bridge Decks at the Fukuoka Expressway
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Toshiba’s New SiC MOSFETs Delivers Low On-Resistance and Significantly Reduced Switching Loss
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Toshiba Clip
In the vanguard of cancer treatment that respects quality of life, Part 2 -Introduction of new heavy ion technology shakes up the medical field

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The future of medicine set into motion by the Yamagata Model, a new cancer treatment technology: Taking on the challenge of global standardization of heavy ion therapy equipment
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The Climate Crisis Reaches a Watershed: Initiating moves to make CO₂ a resource

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From grams to tons, the world’s most effective CO₂ recycling technology: Reflects lessons learned from failure
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