Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 07 – 2023

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba Africa hosted job shadowing for high school students

In late June we hosted five Grade 11 students for a job shadowing opportunity at our Johannesburg office. In the two-day programme, we covered Toshiba’s history, energy, infrastructure and office automation business. Students also had the opportunity to talk about their interests and career development tips in the field of engineering, technical support and business administration.

In the lectures we had the opportunity to explain how private companies like us play a vital role as a technology provider by contributing to the development and creation of stable infrastructures. At our visit to the distributor of Multi Functional printers, Copy Type Electronics, students had the chance to see actual machines and the different divisions within the company.

We hope the visit gave them some inspiration for their future career development and subsequent endeavours!

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