Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 10 – 2022

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba at COP27

Toshiba group’s decarbonisation technologies are going to be showcased at the Japan pavilion during COP27 to be held from November 6th to 18th.

Toshiba Africa members will welcome you at the Japan pavilion stand. Hare are our decarmobisation technologies.

- Power to Chemicals (P2C) : Converting CO2 into valuable materials with CO2 electrolysis

- Superconducting Motor: replace fossil-fuel engines with superconducting motors to power large mobility vehicles and boost zero emissions

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News release
Hydrogen energy: Toshiba’s New Large-scale Production Technology for Electrolysis Electrodes for Hydrogen Production from Renewables Cuts Iridium Use to 1/10
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Hydrogen energy: Starting activities for development of hydrogen fuel cell system with Polish battery system manufacturer
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Energy: Toshiba to Commercialize Inspection Robots for Turbine Generators
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Toshiba Ranks No. 1 in Japan, the United States and Europe in Patent Strength in Key Lithium-ion Battery Technology
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Toshiba Announces 20TB MG10 Series Hard Disk Drives
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Toshiba Clip
Toshiba’s Commitment to a Carbon-Neutral Future

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An engineer in Provence picks up the gauntlet: A global team takes on the future of energy
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Procurement Strategies for Uncertain Times: What supply-chain management solved

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