Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 11 – 2023

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba had exhibited at COP28 Japan Pavilion

Toshiba had exhibited at COP28 Japan Pavilion with the important innovative technologies contributing decarbonization.

Japan Pavilion was the exhibition accompanying the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (“COP28”) in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12.

It was a great opportunity to share and gain understanding about the importance of these cutting-edge technologies.

Exhibition Highlights:

  1. Energy Storage and Smart-use: SCiB™ Optimizes Battery Systems from a Product Lifecycle Perspective
  2. Energy Transmission: AEROXIA™ Replaces SF6 in Power Facilities with Eco-friendly Gas
  3. Smart-use of Energy: P2C (Power to Chemicals) that Transforms CO2 into Green Resources with Renewable Energy

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News release
Electronic devices: Toshiba Launches 30V N-Channel Common-Drain MOSFET Suitable for Devices with USB and for Protecting Battery Packs
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Medical technology: Toshiba and Ion Nova of China Sign Business Alliance Agreement for Sales of Heavy Ion Therapy Equipment
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Toshiba Develops New Lithium-Ion Battery with Cobalt-Free 5V Class High-Potential Cathode
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Quantum technology: Toshiba and SpeQtral Forge Deeper Partnership Amidst Landmark National Quantum-Safe Network Plus (NQSN+) Project
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Toshiba’s New Version of Quantum-Inspired SQBM+™ Optimization Solution Supports 10 Million Variables
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Education: Toshiba Establishes Scholarship Program with Hanoi University of Science and Technology
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Toshiba Clip
Toshiba’s Journey from Research to Commercialisation of Quantum Technologies

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Can ergonomics lead to greater well-being? -Ecosystems that go beyond mere comfort to support the synergistic cycle of well-being

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Co-Creation, Not Competition: Harnessing Genomic Information for Healthcare

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