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Renewable Energy Solutions

Toshiba delivers technology, products and electronic manufacturing known the world over for their innovation and artistry. As a Group, we are committed to contributing to a safer, more comfortable, and more productive way of life. We bring together the spirit of innovation with our passion and conviction to shape the future and help protect the global environment – our shared heritage.

In response to our ever-evolving customer needs, we continually develop our range of services and products. We are always preparing to meet future challenges and create answers to our customers developing. Our products and services include renewable energy solutions, power systems, railways systems, point of sale systems and much more.

Electronic Products

What electronic products and services does Toshiba offer?

Electronic products and components are used in variety of ways. Most well-known and well used electronic products in your everyday life are storage devices such as hard disk drives. Moreover power electronics such as rechargeable battery modules, inverters and drives are playing vital roles in industries. Lastly numbers of electronic components are serving in crucial infrastructure system. For example, locomotives have various electronic components for their power and control systems.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable Energy is energy generated from natural resources like sun, wind, water and geothermal heat. It is clean source of energy to provide us electricity but renewable energy can be affected by weather, geological features and seasonal changes in providing stable electricity continuously. Toshiba with expertise in smart energy solutions can provide technology best suitable with various natural conditions and make the most of available renewable resources.

What types of renewable energy sources are there?

When it comes to green energy solutions, the Toshiba Group can provide various green products and solutions to enhance people’s lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our energy systems and solutions include;

Hydro Power Systems

Toshiba is the first manufacturer of hydroelectric generating equipment in Japan. Our dedication has ensured that we are the world leader in conventional and pumped storage hydroelectric power.

Geothermal Power Systems

Toshiba has been providing the best systems for various geothermal sources for over half a century. Toshiba offers a wide range of power generation systems from 1 MW to 200 MW output to meet customer needs

Hydrogen Energy Solutions

Toshiba is committed to realizing a hydrogen economy by using a renewable source of energy which produce zero carbon emissions. Our autonomous hydrogen energy system uses renewable energy to “produce” hydrogen, which can be “stored” in the system for long term to be “used” in fuel cell technology. It is suitable in providing off-grid energy solutions together with renewable energy source.

Toshiba, we turn on the promise of a new day.

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